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Accredited learning modules

Australia and New Zealand

RACGP, RNZCGP and ACRRM accredited activities

RACGP, RNZCGP and ACRRM accredited activities

Australia and New Zealand

Major Provider of RACGP Quick Log


The following content is not accredited. However, as a Major Provider in the RACGP CPD Program, you are invited to self-accredit any content developed by us that you think is appropriate for your needs and practice. Minimum self-reporting time is 30 minutes. Note you will be directed to websites outside of our portal to access this content. Proof of medical board registration (AHPRA number) or registration may be required to view this content.

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Penny Shakespeare
Dr John Skerritt
Prof. Stephen Clarke
A/Prof. Simone Strasser
A/Prof. Andrew Miller
Dr Mona Marabani
Dr Simon Ghaly
Dr Harry Nespolon
A/Prof. Michael Ward
David Ford

Clinical Audits

Closed Courses

exceeded expectations

of HCPs say our programs exceeded expectations

reducing $000s

Polling and insight gathering allows the client to track customer trends, reducing $000s in market research cost

hcp circle

We glean granular insights from HCPs and we know what they want to learn

We create inspiring multi-channel medical education programs

in both accredited and non-accredited formats for a variety of audiences including specialists, GPs, pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, nurses and patients.

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Medical and scientific writing

Our in-house writing team includes three PhDs and boasts wide-ranging experience and expertise in multiple therapeutic areas.

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CME/CPD programs/meetings

We are category 1 and 2 QI&CPD providers for the RACGP and have developed numerous programs accredited by the RACGP, ACRRM and PSA.

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Digital education programs

Our online educational programs include live webinars, CME-accredited web-based learning and nationwide coverage of live events streamed to home computers.

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Slide kits

Development of slides for speakers – either individual presentations or kits used in meeting series across the country. We can work with steering committees to develop content or provide editing and animation services for individuals as meeting support for our presenters.

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Medical and scientific writing

Our in-house writing team includes three PhDs and boasts wide-ranging experience and expertise in multiple therapeutic areas.

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Advisory boards and masterclasses

We can help with commissioning, running, logistics, agenda preparation, pre-reading, content preparation and reporting for advisory board meetings and masterclasses.

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Patient programs

Our services include research into what is required for any patient program, conceptual development, material development, digital requirements, logistics, 3rd party support (if required) and reporting.

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KOL management

We work closely with many Key Opinion Leaders in different therapeutic areas, both in Australia and overseas. Our services include speaker briefing and liaison along with development and management of steering committees and advisory boards. We also work with many NGOs, colleges and government departments.

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Promotional meeting support

Our wide-ranging experience covers every aspect of the production of promotional meetings including content planning, template design, KOL and meeting management, and platform development and implementation (digital or live).

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Scientific symposia

We offer steering committee support, agenda development, presentation materials, polling and webcast options along with highlights, meeting evaluation forms and material follow up.

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Conference planning

Our on-staff team of trainers and support personnel work hand-in-hand with your in-house resources to deliver a seamless conference planning function designed to maximise stakeholder engagement around pre-agreed outcomes.

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Educational Aids

We can develop both digital and print educational material to increase disease awareness amongst healthcare professionals, such as education about diagnosis and management, and to assist patients in understanding how to manage their disease.


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